Organic seeds

In the field of growing organic seeds there are as follows:

  1. Organic seed of grain corn Quintal,
  2. Organic seed of sillage corn Erika,
  3. Organic seed of spelt wheat Öko – 10

Quintal (a grain hybrid of corn)

FAO: 420
Hybrid type: Sc
Grain type: indentata
This hybrid is suitable for a warmer part of corn producing area where drier conditions are tolerated as well.


  1. a high fertility potential of grain in drier conditions too
  2. a great crop yields stability and plasticity towards soil conditions
  3. resistance towards corn being lodged

Erika ( a sillage hybrid of corn)

FAO: 530
Hybrid type: DMSc
Grain type: identata – semiidentata
This hybrid is suitable for the whole corn area and into its marginal parts as well when generating big corn coppice even in extremely warm and dry conditions.


  1. late, particularly suitable for sillage in warm, wet but also cold areas within a wider spacing
  2. with the sufficient amount of rain it generates big corn coppice with an extremely large cob
  3. generates enough fresh and quality sillage in extremely dry conditions when most hybrids dry fast

ÖKO-10 (spelt wheat)

Spelt wheat of a high length and a massive size . It belongs to the group of late ripening wheat types. It is special for its high content of nitrogen elements and wet gluten. A great source for healthy eating.


  1. very tolerable to extensive conditions
  2. suitable for late seeding
  3. has a great competitive ability towards weeds
  4. a reasonable blade stability
  5. medium resistance to leaf diseases
  6. 65-70% grain efficiency