About us


In Slovakia, we were the pioneers in the field of ecological agriculture. Due to the lack of local experience ( mainly in livestock farming and producing milk of organic quality) we have set main ways of work on our own, primarily the methods meeting requirements of ecological agriculture have been employed.

We did have to tackle problems that occured in the beginning and were hard to deal with. Nevertheles, thanks to the attitude of our people we did not surrender and finally managed to overcome the initial difficulties.

We have taken part in lectures and training held both in Slovakia and abroad on a regular basis. We have studied a number of regulations and expert publications on ecological agriculture. In order to gain some experience we have visited milk farms in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Germany where we met successful farmers who supported us with considerable enthusiasm in our efforts to do organic farming despite our failures at early stages of our activities. We have found their idea of producing something healthier very encouraging. Also, we have seized every single opportunity to attend conferences and exhibitions on the subject of organics all over the Europe.

At present we can proudly say that we are one of the biggest producers in ecological agriculture in Slovakia.

Our young team promotes the idea that healthier eating means healthier living.